Amber Crampton for AcroYoga:

I’ve been training with Lauren for the past two years. She leads carefully planned, well constructed classes, which are such great fun. Lauren has a wonderful kind and patient nature, and an excellent knowledge and understanding of AcroYoga, making her a great teacher. I would highly recommend Lauren’s classes to anyone from complete beginner to advanced AcroYogis.

Jiva Masheder for Thai Massage

Lauren gives a fab massage, really sensitive but strong as well. It's impossible to pick out a favourite bit but if I had to, it would be the flying at the beginning, an extraordinary experience. Each one is different and it feels like she's really responding to my body's needs on the day. I feel really cared for and nourished throughout the massage and always feel amazing afterwards too.

Laura Brown for AcroYoga:

Lauren is an inspirational teacher. She holds a safe space for AcroYoga practice and provides excellent motivation and encouragement. In our time working together I have learnt some unique and challenging sequences. Our sessions are always fully engaged and super-fun! I cannot recommend Lauren’s classes enough!

Alan Cunliffe for Yoga:

Lauren’s small friendly classes are fun but challenging. Each class typically has a different theme making it slightly different and unpredictable. She is perfect for the beginner but has alternatives for everyone- advanced students, people with injuries, etc giving each class member the attention they need. With her encouragement and adjustments I have had the confidence to stretch further and get into poses I previously thought were beyond me. At the end of the class you feel like you have worked hard and achieved something but feel rejuvenated.

Bryan Cole for AcroYoga

 Lauren thank you for the absolutely amazing class last Sunday. I had so much fun and learned a ton. I can't wait to practice everything, my mind has been churning all week on how I can add your moves to various other flows I've learned! The energy in the class was fantastic too. I enjoyed working with every person! Oh, and I got my first ever Thai massage. I could have fallen asleep. (Currently plotting how I can come down from London more often!)

 Jen Hamer after taking my workshop at the Brighton Yoga Festival

This was so much fun. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. After being a county level sports player who can no longer play due to a health condition I have been enlightened to something that gave me the same buzz or even better than what my sport did. I wish there were more AcroYoga classes around as I definitely would love to do more of this. Thanks Lauren and Amber for such a brilliant workshop. I cannot thank you enough for enlightening me to AcroYoga. Being a county runner who wanted to run for England to be struck down with 10 years of anorexia to be left with chronic pain and osteoporosis meaning no more running I felt like I had nothing that set my heart on fire until yesterday it really was a dream in your class I can’t thank you enough.